4 Reasons Why People in the OC Should Consider a Sports Cave


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The New England Patriots did not win another Super Bowl. But, to many Tom Brady is still the GOAT. Yada yada yada. Here in California, especially in the OC, we are already looking forward to NEXT National Football League season. And with visions of Super Bowl LIII dancing in our heads, many a “man cave” (or just sport cave) may be getting a makeover to proudly showcase Los Angeles Rams or Los Angeles Charger paraphernalia (or shhhh, more quietly, Oakland Raider or San Francisco 49er stuff — we won’t tell).

Next year sizes up to be a West Coast season for the NFL and you want to be ready to entertain every Sunday (and maybe a Monday and Thursday?) That means new furniture. New carpet. New widescreen, surround sound TV.

Just look at the records. In the NFC West, our Los Angeles Rams, led by quarterback Jared Goff were in first place with an 11-5 record. No reason to doubt that they won’t be as good if not better next season. But, at 6-10 the 49ers looked pathetic in last place— until you consider new arrival QB, Jimmy G won all 5 games he started. The same team that lost 10 games. He probably can’t repeat that blistering record, but let’s give him 11-5 or 12-4 as the 49ers build/draft/trade around him during the offseason (assuming they sign him before he drifts away in free agency). A lot to root for in this division.

Then there is the AFC West. Our other hometown team, the Chargers came in 2nd place with a 9-7 record behind the 10-6 Kansas City Chiefs who were led by veteran Alex Smith this year (rumor mill has it he might be on his way out to be replaced by new blood and that might make 10-6 a shaky repeat). Had the Chargers been victorious in one more game, they would be 10-6 as well. Room at the top could be crowded. And then there are the Oakland Raiders who finished in 3rd place with a dismal 6-10 record. Look for that to quite possibly reverse next season with a healthy Derek Carr at QB and Chucky back (recently hired coach Jon Gruden)!

Looks like the OC vs the Bay area! And it all means great California rivalries. So how can OC Junk Hauling help you support your local teams?

We can take away whatever is blocking the door (so to speak) to the entrance of your sports cave.

Where will it be? “Cave” is just a name. It could be in the basement. In the attic. In the garage. Wherever you put it, make sure it is soundproof, to not irritate other family members or neighbors. Make sure there are enough outlets for computers, tablets, cell phones. They are as much a part of 21st century sports watching for your guests as a refrigerator for beer and a microwave for nachos.

And when you get finished making room for all the sports pictures, posters, games, etc. to give the place atmosphere, OC Junk Hauling is a phone call away at (949)424-9265. We offer same-day appointments and can work around most schedules (sorry can’t guarantee we will be there, say during halftime, but we do schedule our appointments within a 2-hour time frame).

From carpet to old chairs to shelves to old sporting equipment, we will tackle the job of picking up and taking away whatever does not fit your needs anymore. Seven days a week, we are sitting on the bench, ready to be a part of your special team.



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