7 ways to get rid of clutter for your inner OM


Clutter is very easy to get rid of. It’s making the decision to let go that’s the hard part.

Look around. Are you surrounded by closets that are overflowing, drawers that won’t close fully. Do you have boxes in the garage that you haven’t opened in years or piles of outgrown toys and bicycles? It seems like you’re living in clutter.


Nothing like getting rid of the clutter to find your inner OM! But what if you’re having a hard time deciding what you need to keep and what needs to go. Do you wish there was a checklist to make the task easier?

OC Junk Hauling has been helping Orange County residents with this for a very long time. We are a local, family owned business and we take the time to help you make your decision without any regrets. Here are some ways we help you decide what clutter needs to be disposed of:


  1. Is it working?    It doesn’t work and can’t be fixed.
  2. Upgrade to a newer model?     You bought the latest model but still keeping the old one
  3. Planning on using it?    You realize that it’s working fine and all but still haven’t used it in ages.
  4. Do you remember ever using it?    We’ve all been there. Bought something awesome but haven’t used it yet.
  5. Does it have a story to tell?    You’re not emotionally tied to the item and can’t justify your reason to hold on to it.
  6. Are you safe guarding a special occasion item?    You’re saving it for a Big Day but can’t foresee it anytime in the future.
  7. Is your closet waiting for the 70’s to come back?     Neatly storing and saving your treasures.

Donate these items to your local community

Our family is very conscious of supporting our community and our business is too. We donate/recycle/reuse approximately 85% of the materials we remove. Our mission at OC Junk Hauling is to Donate, Recycle and Dispose and this is what we do. Some of the local charities we contribute to are:

One of the many benefits of hiring OC Junk Hauling is our aggressive recycling campaign. We recycle or donate whatever we can from your junk removal project. We are enthusiastic about recycling because it helps us provide our clients with the best prices and at the same time we can keep Orange County clean & beautiful.

Whenever possible, we donate usable furniture, clothing, household goods and other items to families in need. Call OC Junk Hauling at 949-424-9265 and support your local community while at the same time getting back your inner calm.

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We donate many items to local charities