Charity Starts at Home: Human Options



As we come upon the Holiday Season, gift giving heads up many a to-do list. In the first of a 4-part series of blogs, we at OC Junk Hauling would like to introduce you to a few charities that we interact with daily when we take your unwanted “trash” and recycle or upcycle it into “treasures.” We hope you will consider adding these local charities to your lists.

Human Options

“It can’t happen here,” is a phrase that is unfortunately so out of step in today’s world. Domestic violence is prevalent: 26.3% of Orange County women, as well as 40% in the state of California, report experiencing violence by an intimate partner.

Starting with a crisis hotline, four pioneers in the mental health field founded Human Options in 1981 to bring desperately needed attention to this issue of domestic violence in Orange County. A year later, they opened the County’s first emergency shelter for women. Their vision: a world in which no woman– or child, should ever feel afraid in her/his home.

Over 70% of the Human Options budget is funded by private donations. That is where we hope you come in. Funding gives these women and children who have experienced abuse the options of safety, healing and a way forward. Contributions also fund counseling, legal advocacy, education programs, and elder abuse prevention.

To get a better idea on how to help, click here: Donation Info

And— if YOU need their services right now, don’t hesitate to call the 24-Hour Toll Free Hotline at 877-854-3594 .


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