Charity Starts at Home: Illumination Foundation


Combating Homelessness Through Junk Hauling

As we come upon the Holiday Season, gift giving heads up many a to-do list. In the second of a 4-part series of blogs, we at OC Junk Hauling would like to introduce you to a few charities that we interact with daily when we take your unwanted “trash” and recycle or upcycle it into “treasures.” We hope you will consider adding these local charities to your lists.

Illumination Foundation – Breaking The Cycle Of Homelessness

Over 55,000 people are homeless in Southern California each year. And as bad as that figure is, this is even more devastating: In Orange County, over 32,000 children are unstably housed, with 1 in 4 kids living below the poverty line. In the OC???

Illumination Foundation works to break the cycle of homelessness by assessing clients to identify needs and provide immediate relief when necessary, followed by the care that combines housing, case management, medical care, mental health and workforce services to decrease community dependency.

Since July 2008, Illumination Foundation has worked tirelessly to break the cycle of homelessness for Southern California’s most vulnerable populations by offering a low-entry threshold to access health and housing stability, with a focus on families and those with chronic health conditions.
In fact, 84% of every dollar donated to the Illumination Foundation goes directly to aid homeless and at-risk families and children in our community.

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