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Construction junk removal in Orange County

Remodeling is fun—or it can be.  Remodeling an old home or giving a newer home a modern face-lift is something people take great pleasure in showing off after all the work is complete.  It’s new, beautiful, and an aesthetic way of demonstrating who you are to others around you.  It’s also a lot of work and can get pretty messy.  Messes can also be dangerous, at times which is why it often pays to remove debris as you go rather than let it all pile up.  Having someone come in to assist you in your remodeling efforts is always preferable, especially when it is something like removing debris and junk.

Make sure as you’re working to put all the debris in an outside spot that’s out of the way.  That makes it easier on you later (even if you should choose to remove the junk yourself).  Make sure that location is in a slightly raised spot so that you don’t have unfriendly animals attracted to it.  Anytime animals see shelter they start to get ideas about moving in.  Here in Orange County we have perfect weather for year round critter infestation, even reptiles.  A pile of junk is a perfect hideout for these types of creatures.

In addition to avoiding animals, you’ll want to be cognizant of the weather.  Never allow the debris to pile up too long or to be caught out in the rain. We might be facing a drought but last week’s unexpected showers can cause damage.  You don’t want to have to move wet debris—that’s the worst.  Mold can get into it making it even hazardous to remove.  Unfortunately, you can’t leave it indoors.  That could be potentially more dangerous, as it can cause slip and fall or other injuries.

Junk removal isn’t a fun job, but it is a necessary one.  Companies like ours help to reduce the headache you feel as you refinish your home, leaving you with only the happy stuff to look forward to. We’re there to do all of the dirty work and moving that you don’t want to.

Five Tips on How to Choose the Right Junk Hauling Company

Construction debris is just another type of junk we haul and we definitely have experience with tidying up after home remodeling or even a new build.  We’re a family business.  We have reasonable prices and this is the type of thing we love to help with.

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