Coordinated Cleaning of Closet Clutter


CLUTTER. We don’t wish it on anyone. Really, we don’t. But, at OC Junk Hauling we’ve been in business for over a decade, serving residential and commercial requests to haul away cutter. In the spirit of Thanksgiving coming up in a few weeks, we would like to thank you for your past, current, and future business by sharing some de-cluttering tips for one area— your closet.

Nowhere in your house is that old saying, “out of sight, out of mind” truer than behind the closed door of your closet.

Everything Out

Remove everything from the closet. Human behavior dictates that you may not wish to go through all the trouble of putting EVERYTHING back. So, your mindset will already be in gear to look for items that you really don’t need or use anymore.

Then when returning each item, look at it. Obvious question is, “does it fit?” Everybody asks that. Less obvious is, “I know why I bought it then, but would I buy it now?” And that, of course, leads to “would I still wear it now?”

If you’re not sure if the dress, shirt, blouse or jeans even fit, then that may be an indicator you indeed have not worn it in a while. And the reason for that is…? We’ll let you think on that.

Hanger Trick

Speaking of thinking, this is a great idea that we’ve seen featured in more than a few “closet tip” posts. The “Hanger Trick” involves reverse replacing all the items on hangers with the hook facing you. As you wear & return, put them back facing away. At the end of six months, how many are still facing you? Those are the ones that have gone untouched and are prime candidates to be removed.

The same concept can be applied to shoes. Take them off the floor and put them on the door. Face shoes away from you and after use have them face you. Give it six months or a year. If certain shoes aren’t looking at you, then you surely have not been looking at them for any of your outfits.

After you have conducted a coordinated cleaning of closet clutter with these five tips, you should have a pile or two of clothes and shoes that are no longer of use to you. But don’t toss away. If they are still wearable, give OC Junk Hauling a call and we can transport to worthy community organizations that recycle them. A woman’s black pantsuit or man’s dark blue suit might not fit your needs but think of what those items would mean to someone less fortunate who is going out on a job interview.

We guarantee same day removal, a free no obligation estimate, a specific 2-hour arrival time window, and a “heads up we are on the way” phone call one-half hour before arrival.

Big or small haul, OC Junk Hauling is a phone call away at 949-424-9265.

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