Picture All Your Storage Unit Contents Back in Your Home! Time to Declutter


Declutter Your Storage Unit with Our Junk Removal Service

Home to the unwanted items that you will “get to later,” the off-property storage unit stands as a great helper. And a worse enabler. Instead of “getting rid of stuff” from the house, the storage unit– misused– tricks you into moving that pile of unwanted items from your home to another place. One that you end up paying extra for.

At OC Junk Hauling, we have helped people who haven’t seen the inside of their storage unit in years, as well as folks who visit their “stuff” every week to add more.  Stop. Just stop. What are you doing? Picture where those boxes, etc. might go if you brought them back into the house eventually– that is why you are saving them, right?

Where would they go? Consider this, if you haven’t needed them for the last two years, do you really need them? The old lamp without the lampshade. Your very first microwave. The electric fan with the frayed cord. The blow dryer that sounds like a jumbo jet.

Yes, we understand there are also mountains of memories in those piles of boxes. First-grade drawings by the kids. Favorite toys. Fading ticket stubs from special dates. Cute clothing that fits no one anymore but evokes warm and toasty visions of days gone by. Consider bringing technology in to assist. Grab your cell phone. Take pictures or make a video of the items. Download to your computer or tablet for posterity. There when you want to look at them, no matter where you are or whom you are with.

Then, as we have suggested in past blogs set up three boxes. Keep. Donate. Throw Away. If you think the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, (meaning you will overfill the first and underfill the last) then bring along an impartial friend or two to assist in the project. Strength in numbers.

Once you’ve started the project, give us a call at (949)424-9265. OC Junk Hauling is ready to serve you seven days a week.

After you’ve decided what needs to go and you’re happy with our free no- obligation estimate, all you need to do is sit back while our professional crew gets the job done! We do ALL the labor and loading, no matter where your items are located, and we clean up afterward, as well!

We will haul away your unwanted items from the first box. As for the second box, you can deliver the still good-for-use items to agencies of your choosing, or we can take off your hands and donate them to agencies we work with in the community.

You may also still have items to be stored. But, all things being equal, if you removed 2/3rds of the contents, then you should be able to drop down in unit size. And that will save you money each month.

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