Exercise Equipment Removal Is Not As Easy As It Looks


Removing Treadmills & Exercise Equipment In Orange County

It’s a story we have heard before. You were up at 2am. Unable to sleep. Watching TV. Eating a bowl of ice cream and you ordered the super duper deluxe gold star treadmill, bar bell set and weights. When it all arrived you quickly put it together. Three years, a lot of dust & rust and boxes thrown on top of the exercise equipment later, the time has come to exercise your option to make this haunting purchase go away. OC Junk Hauling to the rescue.

It may look like just a few items. But, believe us, what you are really looking at are a lot of small parts like bars and weight selection pins, as well as chains, ropes and straps that will need to be separated.

Most standard treadmills run around 250 pounds. Some have wheels to make movement easy. Yours doesn’t. The two sets of bar bells weigh 45 pounds each. And then there are the weights.

Don’t strain yourself. Our experienced team is trained not only in “haul away” procedures but also in “pick up” routines. Yes, there is a routine to disassembling exercise equipment.

You didn’t save the instructions? It’s ok, at OC Junk Hauling we can do this blindfolded. We won’t of course, safety first.

If you don’t properly take the equipment apart, you can damage it or even injure yourself! You want to be able to disassemble the treadmill for removal (as well as the other equipment) in such a way that it can still be put together later.

We Are An Eco-Friendly Hauler

And that is important, as OC Junk Hauling is an eco-friendly hauler. We just don’t dump our truck contents at a land fill if the items can be donated to local community organizations that could make use of them. For example, among the possible destinations might be Goodwill Industries.

Another concern is the well-being of your house. A treadmill is not a lawn chair. Exercise equipment removal can involve dangling moving parts, or worse, extensions than can easily scratch, dent, and outright bang in a door, wall or window if you are not careful and organized. Let the experienced team at OC Junk Hauling do it quickly, efficiently and the right way.

As a local family-owned hauling enterprise we are here when you need us, seven days a week, ready to provide an estimate over the phone or in person. A free, no obligation estimate. Call us today at 949-424-9265.


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