Get Rid Of The Junk And Get Ready For The Nursery


Clean Out The Junk Before The Baby Arrives

So you’re about to have a baby. Congratulations!  The next few years of your life will be both tiring and amazing.  Right now, however, it’s time to plan and prepare.  Right about now you’re thinking about baby space and your dream of what that space should look like. Here are some things to think about as you plan:

What room?

Are you converting a home office or spare bedroom? Choosing the room usually is dependent on two things: is it cheery and/or is it close to the master bedroom? Parents often want to have space close to their bedroom for newborns; it makes it easier during the long nights to go back and forth.  A lot of parents will pick the nursery based on the lighting. Who doesn’t want a cheerful space with lots of light? The choice is up to you but it should be a room that you can visualize yourself spending a lot of time in.

What color?

There’s always the traditional route of blue for boys, pink for girls, but today parents are mixing it up. Greens, purples, yellows, oranges—these are all great baby colors as well. The soft muted colors certainly look good, but newborns are attracted to bright colors so don’t be afraid to think wild reds, bold blues, and screaming yellows, either.

What furniture?

Is this going to be a delicate looking Victorian style baby room or are you going with more craftsman style furnishings?  Perhaps something modern like IKEA? Each of them has their own unique style that can be enhanced by decorations. Look at your room, think about the colors, and then pick your furniture.

Whatever else you will do, first things first, with any remodel you have to move everything out. Painting requires empty space and so does the room. You want to start fresh, not put baby furniture in with your old desks and dressers.  The furniture that is there can be donated or even, depending on what it is, repurposed and put back in.  What you want is to have the type of space that you can move around and work in and that means cleaning everything out before you start.  Remodeling a space for a new baby is no different than any other type of remodeling job.

This is an exciting time for you and we wish you the best of luck. When you’ve cleaned out the room you’re going to use for a nursery, contact us. Give us a call at 949-424-9265 or visit us at www.ocjunkhauling.com  and we’ll come to you right away to haul away all your junk.

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