4 Ways of Getting Rid of Furniture


Four Ways of Getting Rid of Furniture

We’ve all been there.  We have all had that broken down furniture with springs poking through or legs coming off, but we just don’t have the energy (or a truck) to get it out of the house.  So it sits, and sits and sits some more until we try to move it to a place where it can’t be seen…and then it hides out there until someone asks us why we still have it around.  No judgments.  We’ve been there, too, and we’re junk removers.  The fact is you’re never going to get around to reupholstering that chair or putting new legs on the table and staining it.  It’s best to just get rid of it, so you can get something you can sit on or use.  Here are some suggestions for getting rid of furniture:

  • Craigslist—Craigslist has a furniture section AND a free section where you can advertise things that you no longer want or need to get rid of. That old adage about one man’s junk is another man’s treasure?  Craigslist proves that daily.  Someone with more time might fix that table, chair, or bookcase and give it new life.
  • Donate it—there are plenty of charities out there that do take free furniture. We work with several local charities plus Goodwill to Salvation Army. Plenty of nonprofits take furniture that can be used by others, and some will even take furniture that needs to be repaired.  Call around and see who will take what.
  • Call your local theater—this is one very few people think about, but is really a good option. Many theater companies accept donations because it’s cheaper than buying items for a production.
  • Recycle it—Check your local waste facility. It may accept items for recycling.  Of course you’ll have to take it there, but its better than letting it sit unused in your home.

Trust OC Junk Hauling with getting rid of your furniture

There are plenty of other solutions for it like giving it away to someone, leaving it on the corner in the dark of night with a “FREE” sign, setting it on fire—those types of things.  All of them still require the furniture being moved, though.  This is where we come in.  We are junk removers, but we’re also furniture movers, as well.  We remove unwanted items from homes all the time and find a place for them.  We can drop it off at donation centers or at the facility of your choice, and whenever possible, we recycle. We have an industry envied rate of donating or recycling almost 85% of all junk and unwanted items that we remove. We seriously care about the environment!

As a family-owned business here in OC, we like to help people like you with your problems.  We’re not some large chain of junk removers who hires new people every week.  We have the same, trust-able team that can provide you with the service you need at affordable prices, and with greater reliability.  We don’t reschedule.  We don’t change prices.  We do the job at the price you’re quoted.

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