This is Halloween, This is Halloween…Time to Haul Out Old Junk


Get Organized For Halloween in Orange County

All of us at OC Junk Hauling want to wish everyone a Happy Fall and an enjoyable beginning to the holiday season.  Everyone loves the holidays and it seems each year the “holiday season” starts earlier and earlier and last longer.  As soon as September closes the “Halloween Month” begins, then its “Thanksgiving Month,” then the “Chanukah –Christmas” month, finally ending for a bit on New Years.  These are some fun times for most families.  You get to switch up foods, buy candy, and put up decorations.  You’ll buy new decorations for the home and yard, as well as, put up your old favorites.  Giant pumpkins, scary monsters, cobwebs—your imagination is the limit.  As you go through your attic, basement, or garage looking for decorations for the house and yard you now have an excuse to throw stuff out and begin to clean things up (and make room for more, of course).

Decorations can only go so long without getting broken, faded, dusty, or even nibbled on my critters.  No decoration lasts forever, and those that go outdoors then come back to a damp basement or garage certainly won’t.  This is the best time, right before Halloween, as you are pulling out decorations to also get rid of the ones that are broken or in bad shape. Routinely we throw out yellow Christmas trees this time of year for our clients that were once white but are now yellow with age.  After all, who wants a yellow Christmas tree or a dilapidated giant pumpkin?

The good part about clearing out old decorations is being able to then get new ones.  The stores are filled with the neat new designs each year, and when you are willing clean up the broken ones and get them to the junkyard you deserve to be able to buy more.  It seems like each year the decorations get more high tech, more exciting, and even cheaper.  When we were kids no one had the giant inflatables except shopping centers and event stores.  Today everyone has them.

It’s that time of year to haul out old junk and bring in new fun.  At OC Junk Hauling we’re excited to help you in this endeavor. We are professional residential  junk haulers who not only remove furniture, mattresses etc. but we also haul out old junk decorations . We, too, have the holiday spirit and love seeing homes dressed up.  We’re here to help you make room for more of the good stuff.


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