Help Your Allergies by Getting Rid Of The Clutter


Why It’s Important to Remove Clutter

We don’t normally talk on serious subjects here at OC Junk Hauling but that’s because we like to keep it light and fun. Recently, though we had to work in a house that had made the owner miserable because of all of the dust, pollen, and mold from furniture she had kept too long.   Illness and allergies were plaguing the poor woman, and we were happy to help.  We were able to move the old furniture and beddings out of the house so that people could come in and clean.  Turns out this was the best thing that could have happened for her health.  Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the accumulation of chemicals and indoor molds have been known to contribute to illness in humans.  As we move into cooler weather this type of repetitive sickness will intensify for a lot of homeowners.

The inability to open windows keeps a house stifled and decreases the air quality.  Indoor air quality is a huge factor in allergies for many people.  There are multiples reasons for poor air quality, but one of them is clutter. The more clutter, junk, and mess means the more VOCs and a greater chance of mold. Deep cleaning a home is very important when trying to improve the quality of your home and life.  Not only will you feel better, not only will the home look and smell better, but it will also be healthier.  You do not want to live in a home where VOCs and other allergens have accumulated, and mold can actually be deadly.

Even if you cannot see it, pet dander, dust and those allergens that come in on your clothing all can contribute negatively to your indoor air quality, and can lead to poor health and a miserable  cold and flu season.  We want to encourage people to regularly vacuum both carpets and furniture, as well as, move out those older pieces of furniture that you are no longer using.  You don’t want to allow this to accumulate all winter and watch your own health decline.

We’re here to help with moving and hauling. We can work in any type of environment and are used to semi-hazardous conditions. The goal is to get you a healthier home to live in and will work with you to get all the pieces put together.

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