The Hidden Costs Of Junk Removal


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We’ve all experienced this before in a service industry.  You hire a company for a job, they show up and suddenly that job is more expensive or there are details that weren’t allegedly in the estimate, and suddenly you were talked into more effort and money than you had originally agreed upon.  This happens in every industry, even junk removal.  Bait and switch sales techniques are illegal, although they are hard to prove.  Essentially a company will advertise services for a below cost price or a price lower than the norm just to get customers to allow them into the home for an appointment.  Once there, the team will tack on reasons for why it should be a more expensive job.  Some customers will go along with it because you’re already in the home or because they really need that service.

OC Junk Hauling does not do this. OC Junk Hauling is a local Orange County based family owned business and we are always upfront with our customers about our pricing and surcharges.  We want to always make an effort to create an environment and reputation of trust.  This is why we provide free estimates and even pictures of loads so that the customer has a very good idea of what we will charge on the day that we show up to work. Our in-home free estimates enable us to give you a better price as we cannot always estimate the correct price till we see what your junk pile looks like.  Estimation tools are one way to help keep the cost down or let customers better understand the pricing, however, they’re not perfect.  We can estimate prior loads but once we get into a home there may be more items than they had originally showed our estimators.   However, we do our best to ensure that does not happen. We also explain upfront why some items cost more to dispose of—they cost us more to dispose.  Mattresses and tires are both items that we are charged extra for, as well as, items that cannot be recycled or are not biodegradable.

The costs of doing business in an extremely regulated county like ours can be high, especially when it comes to an area that the citizens here take seriously, like waste.  We do our best to keep our prices low enough that our clients can afford them, but honest enough that we can pay the taxes, fees, and our employees.  This isn’t always easy today but we believe that we have an efficient, well-run machine and that an honest business can stay afloat because an honest business will get referrals.  For this reason, we always tell you those costs that could be added into the job upfront so everyone knows what they are getting into.

We hope we have answered any questions or concerns you may have had about our junk removal & hauling pricing. If we haven’t please feel free to contact us at 949-424-9265. Check out our price estimator at https://ocjunkhauling.com/our-junk-removal-pricing/.  We are always willing to help you understand our business.

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