How Does Having Junk In Your Home Impact You?


In recent years, the phenomena of “hoarding” has gotten a lot more attention. This is thanks in part to a formal medical recognition of extreme hoarding as a psychological condition, and in part due to a number of popular TV shows referencing “hoarding.” For many of us, our hoarding is nowhere as extreme as these concepts may lead us to believe; however, there is still a decent chance that clutter and excessive items could be having a negative impact on your life. A recent survey conducted by the Huffington Post found that home organization is a significant source of stress for many Americans. Here are just a few of the ways that clutter can have a real impact:

  • Increases the number of allergens and germs in your home.
  • Creates a fire hazard.
  • Poses other physical risks such as tripping, falling objects, etc.
  • Creates anxiety by making simple objects difficult to find.
  • Fosters stress and a feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • Creates a general feeling of disorganization that can filter into other aspects of your life.


            Decluttering your home is an important lifestyle change that will not happen overnight. However, if you make a real commitment to living in a cleaner, more organized home, it can lead to a number of benefits. Organizing and storing items is a good place to start, however, for many people who have issues with clutter, this will not solve the root cause of the problem. If you have a problem with clutter, there is a good chance you may be hoarding to some degree.  Though your home may not be worthy of a TV show, there is a good chance that you stand to benefit from ridding yourself of items that you no longer use. Should you decide that this is the appropriate course of action for you, OC Junk Hauling will be there to help! We offer great prices and same day service–and all disposal is done in the greenest, most socially and environmentally conscientious way possible.



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