Why Hire A Junk Removal Company After Evicting A Tenant?


Junk Removal in a tenant evicted property in Orange County.

If you’ve been forced to evict a tenant, the last thing you want to deal with is a bunch of junk that they’ve left behind. Unfortunately, this can be a fairly complicated process. There are a number of laws dealing with evicted tenant’s property rights that you will have to deal with. The following list in not comprehensive; however, it will give you a basic idea of some of the most important rules to keep in mind:

  • Provide written notice. If you discover any items of value in the home/apartment after evicting a tenant, you are required by California state law to provide a written list of these items to the tenant.
  •  Storage. During the next 18 days, the tenant will have the right to reclaim these items. You may choose to keep the items at the house or in a secure storage location; however if you do decide to move the items keep track of the costs: you may be legally entitled to charge the tenant for the costs of storage/removal.
  •  Surrendering the items. If the tenant gets back to you within 18 days, you will be obligated to surrender the items to the tenant upon receiving a payment for storage. You are also required to allow the tenant reasonable time to move any large items such as furniture and appliances.
  •  Auction. If the tenant does not contact you after 18 days, you are allowed to sell any items of value. However, it is important to note that, should the value of these items exceed $300 dollars, you will need to contact your county about selling the items at an authorized auction.
  •  Junk. In most cases, you probably shouldn’t expect to make a big profit off items that your tenant leaves. The odds are good that, if the tenant left an item, it is probably not worth the cost of moving/selling. In this case, you will be stuck removing the item yourself.


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