Lifting Boxes, Advice from Hauling Experts


Health advice from OC Junk Hauling

Moving from one home to another is a stressful enough thing without actually putting stress on your body. There is great temptation to save money and do it all yourself (packing, moving, hauling away what you don’t want anymore), and unless the hunks from the office ground crew want to come over and help, there is no need to pull a back muscle over the weekend lifting a box you thought had towels and instead had old garden tools to be thrown away.

OC Junk & Hauling offers not just “a bunch of moving guys” but a seasoned team of veterans who know the proper way to lift things and move from your house or apartment to the truck to be hauled away. Injuries slow down a job and are just bad for business, as well as most importantly are a staff safety issue.

But, what if you need to move boxes?

If you need to, for example, move boxes yourself out of the attic or out of a spare room, here are some basic tips from our seasoned staff of haulers.

  • Half squat position is considered most preferable for protecting the back when lifting. Knees are bent, and the back is kept straight and upright. Serves to evenly spread load onto both hands at either side or in front of the body.
  • Then move upward in a slow and steady motion. Your body needs to adjust to increased stress of lifting, so try to not lift heavy items hastily.

A muscle strain will happen when there is over-stretching of the muscle, or if there is a tear in it. Muscle fibers are most likely damaged.  And you’ve got what is well known as a muscle pull.

We aren’t doctors, but common experience calls for: some pain medication (like acetaminophen) to block pain signals from getting sent to the brain; and/or anti-inflammatory medication (ibuprofen/oral steroids) to reduce local inflammation causing the pain.


One other thing to mention, back muscle pain heals with time, anywhere from a few days up to 3-4 weeks. But if you are still suffering at the two-week mark you might want to touch base with your doctor.


Or, you can avoid some of this and call OC Junk Hauling. Once you’ve decided what needs to go with you and you’re happy with our free no-obligation estimate of what is not moving with you, all you need to do is sit back while our professional crew gets the job done! We do ALL the labor and loading of unwanted items, no matter where your items are located, and we clean up afterward, as well!  Call us at 949-424-9265.


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