Making a Clean Sweep When the Kids Move Out


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June has come and gone. As have the college graduations and weddings. Kids are moving on. Time to get motivated to downsize or at least do an over-due house cleanout and clear some clutter. Easier said than done? Not really, when you have the moving professionals at OC Junk Hauling to pitch in when your work is done.

So where do YOU start? Start in one spot. Give yourself an hour. It is summertime, you won’t want to spend more than an hour inside with boxes and papers and memories.

Three piles people!

1-Most definite keep.

2-Yeah, throw away

3-Uhm, I don’t know

And then try to keep box #3 from overflowing too fast. If it was really, really, important, your kids would have taken it, or at least told you not to touch.

After you have completed that one spot, you are going to feel successful. You are going to feel good about yourself. Hey this is not so bad. I can do this.

Doesn’t matter if it was a countertop or a cabinet drawer or shelf. Start small, work your way up to the closets and bedrooms.

If you don’t know where to put something, perhaps you don’t need it.

Exercise equipment you bought for your daughter when she ran track? Set it aside and OC Junk Hauling will recycle it to a community organization that can put it to better use than you using it as a clothes horse.

Filing cabinets your son used to keep filled with all kinds of news clippings from grade school about everything in case he needed it for stories when he thought he wanted to be a reporter? OC Junk Hauling will take it all away.

Beds that were getting old and too small at the same time, creaky desks that have had way too many heavy backpacks thrown on them, definitely not in the maybe pile.

And one of the keys to clear clutter is to not make any new clutter. There is a saying “A place for everything and everything in its place” Learn it, live it.

In fact, dealing with mail, bills, paperwork, documents, notes, etc. advice from Zenhabits  is:

“Make quick decisions: trash them, file them immediately, or make a note of the action required and put them in an ‘action’ file. Don’t put anything back on the pile, and don’t put them anywhere but in a folder (and no cheating ‘to be filed’ folders!) or in the trash/recycling bin.”

Speaking of recycling bin, once you’ve decided what needs to go and stay in your house clean out— and you’re happy with our free no-obligation estimate — just sit back while our professional crew gets the clutter out and the job done! We do ALL the labor and loading, no matter where your items are located and we clean up afterward, too!

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