Merging Possessions of Two Homes After Marriage

“What’s mine is yours dear, and what’s yours is mine.” Marriage is such a sharing experience, right? Well… not so much with personal stuff when moving into your first place. At OC Junk Hauling we’ve seen enough disasters in the making after two separate apartments or homes merge into one and the front lawn ends up looking like a long-term flea market.

If you need items hauled away, we will gladly do it, just call OC Junk Hauling when you’re ready. We will provide you with an immediate, on-the-spot quote and take all away quickly and cleanly. Either from your old place or new one.

But let’s talk about what you can do to lessen the stress of merging personal possessions.

Clear Out Clothes Closet

Your goal is to live together, but obviously, you don’t want skirts and shirts intermingled in the closet. Each of you needs space to set up shop. Mentally dividing the closet evenly before moving in will force you to minimize your wardrobe while still in your old place. Why create extra boxes to ship ($) only to have to throw them away ($$) when no space is available. Or then you must both rotate your winter and summer items not in your closet or garage but in a storage unit ($$$).

Also, clothing needs to be unpacked first. Wrinkles are not what you want to talk about the next day at work. So, we suggest that you not only mark your boxes as John and Mary, but also John’s bedroom closet(suits & pants), Mary’s bedroom closet(blouses & skirts). This way you are unpacking “hanger” items first, before “drawer” or “shelf” items.

Living Room Next

After you do the bathroom, kitchen, etc., you may want to just crash for a few minutes in a chair, rest, watch TV or listen to soothing music. Oops, you didn’t set up the living room yet. So, outside of finding one box that says “bathroom, toilet paper, hand towels” for either of you, the next move should be the living room after bedroom closet.

You need to see whose chair is going where, bookcases on what wall, do your furniture items match when you finally see them together or does one of you need to sacrifice— or just dump it all and get new couch & love seat ensemble that you both select as a couple.

And that is where we circle back to OC Junk Hauling. Once the decision is made as to what needs to go, you don’t want it haunting you in a corner or backyard or front lawn.

Rest of House

Proceed with set up and distribution of other rooms in the same manner. Deep mark each box at the starting point: John kitchen, pots & pans; Mary kitchen, dishes & bowls. And where you have similar items, decide to either mix or storage or just add to the “to go” pile for us to take away.

Convenient Junk Removal & Junk Hauling Services in Orange County

OC Junk Hauling will take your items and as often as possible distribute to local shelters, donation centers, and charity organizations. Your favorite football T-shirt from years ago or microwave that is 7 years older than your spouse’s will find good homes.

Our junk removal process is super easy and totally hassle-free.

1 .Schedule A Free, No-Obligation

When you book your job or want a free estimate, we will give you a two-hour arrival window. Our friendly, uniformed service member will call you 30 minutes before arrival time.
Once we know exactly what you want hauled away, we will give you a free, no-obligation estimate.

2 .We Safely and Speedily Haul your Junk

Once you’ve decided what needs to go and you’re happy with our free no- obligation estimate, all you need to do is sit back while our professional crew gets the job done! We do ALL the labor and loading, no matter where your items are located and we clean up afterward, too!

Call us at 949-424-9265. We offer same-day appointments and can work around most schedules.

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