Moving Patio Furniture Is As Effortless As A Summer Breeze


Patio Furniture Removal In Orange County

Summer is here and so soon will be your friends and family for fun-filled hang outs on your patio! That same patio set you’ve had for five years, with the mustard stains from last year and ketchup from the year before? Time to plan an update to your patio furniture. Good idea, as styles also change and you want to be in fashion. We, at OC Junk Hauling can help you sweep out the old and sweep in the new when it comes to hauling away patio furniture. Now all you need to do is pick a style. And we can help with that, sort of.

According to a blog we found by RST Outdoor, “Think spirited silhouettes, chunky wicker weaves, bold patterns mixed with vibrant colors, and outdoor dining tables while mixing and matching your 2017 patio furniture.”

The suggested “vibrant” colors include: Coral, Sienna, Pink, Orchid, Melon, Bubblegum, Custard Yellow, and Butterscotch.

That narrows your choices! Luckily once you do make your selections, the rest will be a breeze as OC Junk Hauling will remove your old patio set in one big sweeping motion. No need for you to physically drag chairs to create unseemly piles at the corner or take a chance on something falling off your car onto the highway as you drive to a landfill.

Our service is to you and the community

In fact, most times those are not even the end destinations for patio furniture we haul away. We are Eco-Friendly. We recycle as much as possible, in order to keep our Earth clean. Local shelters, donation centers and charity organizations benefit from items you no longer need. Perhaps even the patio heater we removed.

We offer free estimates, seven-day service — even same day service in a pinch! As a family run business that helps other families who need junk removed and old items recycled, we strive to be as neighborly as possible.

OC Junk Hauling is a fully insured, full-service junk removal and hauling company located in Orange County, California. Call us at 949-424-9265 for a free estimate given over the phone or we will come to your location.



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