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Guide to Business Relocation – Office Furniture Removal by OC Junk Hauling

Majority of businesses move each year due to finding a better lease deal, expansion or simply having outgrown the current location. Moving your office space with all the equipment, furniture and stuff can be extremely overwhelming. Therefore businesses tend to hire moving firms like OC Junk Hauling for hauling away furniture and furniture removal in Orange County.
Small businesses tend to do it themselves. Whether you hire a firm for hauling away furniture, or do it yourself, you need to plan.
Following is a helpful guide for you when you need to relocate and hire services for furniture removal in Orange County:

2-3 Months before the Move:

Let’s see, if it is April right now and you have to move around August, you need to start planning now. You need to give yourself at least 2-3 months in order to prepare yourself for relocation. See what needs to be moved, donated or eliminated entirely.
Electronic equipment needs to be disposed-off securely as well. Planning well in advance shall allow you to streamline all of your logistics efficiently. Moreover, select a move team or committee, determine your budget, create plans and develop a moving schedule and schedule updates on websites, notify the banks, IRS, EDD and insurance carrier of change of address. You will have to change your NAP information on Google My Business Page. Update your business information on all of the directories you can think of.

1 Month Before the Move:

Now you need to develop a labeling plan for your business relocation. Finalize the layout plans. As time passes you take a step further in relocating your business. For fun give an office arming party and create press releases for highlighting new location. Determine the required security procedures and try getting an off-site storage location for old files.

2 Weeks Before the Move:

You are close to your relocation and it is time you finalize your moving schedule. Have a meeting of your employees and make plan for the materials and labels for packing. You need to be in constant communication with your move team and have a plan in place for change requests. Make a list of all the emergency contacts including vendors, building management and moving company. Hire a firm for junk removal like OC Junk Hauling.

Moving Day:

The day has arrived you had been waiting for! (Well not exactly but all the planning makes one anxious too so you cannot wait to get it done). Assign your destination and origin move coordinators so that your move is carried out smoothly. On-site help should be designated to handle any queries regarding the move. Allocate the cards and keys for the new location. Last but not the least, a complete walk-through on each day of move allows you to track progress and see that the move is on schedule. This also keeps you informed on what might have been damaged during the move.
OC Junk Hauling specializes in commercial and residential hauling. Hiring OC Junk Hauling for furniture removal in Orange County, junk removal and hauling away furniture would provide you with a safe and efficient junk removal service so that you have smooth office relocation. Give us a call and our efficient & friendly staff can come out to you at your convenience. Let us take your stress away(at least a part of it!).

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