Give Your Business a Facelift by Removing Office Clutter


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OC Junk Hauling doesn’t just work with individuals.  We help businesses, as well.  One area that we’d like to touch on is clutter.  A business is judged by its aesthetics, and that means not only layout but also cleanliness and lack of clutter.   You can give your business a design face lift, simply by moving out those pieces which you no longer need.  Here’s why:

It Could Improve Your Energy

Feng Shui is a popular decorating style that is used by many interior designers to improve energy and appearance of a space.  Many California businesses have adopted these principles with what they believe is great results.  Feng Shui designs begin by removing clutter.  Clutter ads distraction and pulls down the energy flow of a room—or so they say.  While we’re not Feng Shui experts we do know that a cluttered space feels like the owner of that space is a cluttered person.  The same will be true of a business.  Businesses that have a lot of open space and are airy feel “cleaner” and more professional than those that have too much furniture, art, or knick-knacks.

Sending Mixed Signals

Beyond Feng Shui there is something to be said for subconscious impressions.  Walking into a professional space with either worn or outdated furniture will give the subconscious impression that your business is outdated or not doing well.  It is better to have less furniture for your guests, than furniture that is cracked or broken looking.

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

As junk removal experts we know a lot about hidden treasures.  Sometimes what you think is junk could be treasure for a nonprofit or poorer individual.  Your 3-year-old computer desks and laptops could help a nonprofit add another volunteer or give someone space to learn a new trade.  Your old couch that has a crack in the leather could be refurbished for a college grad or half-way house.

Improving Health

Over the years, furniture, art, and appliance can collect dangerous molds and dusts.  There is such a phenomenon as “Sick Building Syndrome”, where employees all routinely pass illnesses and issues through touching furniture, computers, or just breathing recycled air that has too much dust, pollen, or mold.  Removing old items every once in a while and giving the office a good cleaning can improve overall health.

There are plenty of good reasons to move that junk out of your space and we at OC Junk Hauling are more than happy to help.  We’ll not only remove it, but also work to find ways of recycling it wherever possible.  You will not only update your look, but also possible improve productivity and reduce sick days.  Everyone reacts positively to clean space.  Here is your opportunity to improve your corporate image and invigorate your employees and customers alike.

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