Junk Hauling versus Dumpsters


Obviously, as junk haulers we do have a dog in this fight, so we understand that you will read this blog post with a grain of salt.  People in the junk hauling business are going to naturally advocate for hauling it away.  That said it doesn’t negate the truth behind our argument for why it’s better to have your stuff hauled off than to purchase dumpsters.  So now that we’ve put a caveat on this blog post let’s get down to the nitty gritty: Dumpsters are ugly, expensive, and you’ll probably need two of them considering this is Orange County.

Who the heck wants large ugly dumpsters sitting in front of their house in any kind of decent neighborhood?  What neighbors want to see that either?  Dumpsters are perfect when you are doing construction, but not so great just for cleaning out unwanted items.

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Furthermore, due to recycling laws and codes most of you will require two separate dumpsters, which doubles the cost.  So that’s two ugly dumpsters in front of your house until they can be hauled away.

And then there’s the labor involved…

You still have to perform manual labor.  It is you that will go into the attic or basement to haul out couches, tables, electronics, papers, magazines, dishes you won’t use, lamps, clothing, bedding, and those old board games your great aunt gave you with the missing pieces.  When you choose junk hauling we come to you.  We move all of that.  We haul it off same day.  No labor, no problem.

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Dumpsters are really for single young men who don’t mind sweating in the heat, straining muscles, or getting mold in their lungs.  Not really for working adults or anyone of a certain age. Ahem. OC Junk Hauling is a family of movers with people who have all the right equipment to do it.  Why get a dumpster when you can just call us to move it out?


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