Who Has the Best Home Parties in the World?


We don’t just have parties in the OC. We Have P-A-R-T-I-E-S !!! Beautiful weather. Sun & sand just outside our doorsteps. Or welcoming pools and decks in the back for guests to mingle. When you hear “party” you may think of fun and friends and free food — we think of a mess today, that we are going to clean up tomorrow because you called OC Junk Hauling yesterday.

After all, who wants to clean up after a little party, let alone a big party?

The problem is, sometimes a hauling company may feel like Indiana Jones when he said, “I don’t know, I’m making this up as I go.” How do you charge, let alone prepare, for a “mess” that doesn’t exist yet?

By calling upon EXPERIENCE! OC Junk Hauling has been there and done that. Our experts can provide a fair estimate by responses to our questionnaire, such as how many rooms will be in use and the amount of people you are inviting.

If you’re having a purely disposable party (sounds trashy, but if the party gets wild, you will thank us!), our team will be coming in the next day to haul away folding chairs, folding tables, table cloths, paper/plastic cups, plates, forks, and spoons.

And lots of plastic bags…..

We suggest you start bagging garbage in outer rooms, this way you can work your way toward the kitchen. It seems the most appropriate place to centralize the remnants of the night before. Take garbage out as soon as bags are filled and tied, to prevent accidental leaks and odors.

Speaking of odors and this may be a bit gross, but we have too say this. We don’t do bathrooms. We will take away the garbage from the bathroom, but you should be prepared to clean up lots of different messes in there. Our advice is buy an inexpensive (disposable) mop to clean up any vomit of urine stains on the floor. Then apply disinfectant for health safety. Top off with a good once-over using baby wipes to establish a fresh scent.

One other thing. You might not think of this until too late. Don’t leave any of your favorite wash cloths or towels in the bathroom. Pre-party purchase of some attractive but cheap towels will serve you well, as post-party you will want to just toss everything rather than washing.

As we said, lots and lots of bags for OC Junk Hauling to take away.

But, you will still have the memories of a great party!

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