Snakes in the Grass, and Elsewhere on Your Property


Safety Information For Junk Removal Clients In Orange County

Alisa Viejo and other city offices in Orange County are reminding residents that annual snake season is from March to October. A little bit of caution will go a long way for peaceful co-existence. Having had more than our share of lifting a box or moving a pile of broken branches to find a snake hiding out from the hot sun, we can attest to that.

Snakes will most likely retreat if given room. Do not deliberately provoke or threaten.  If you see one, try to remember that.

At OC Junk Hauling, safety of our employees and our customers is very important. During these months we urge caution when moving anything that has been outside for a while; it could be housing a critter. Rattlesnakes are sensitive to temperature extremes and will adjust their behavior accordingly. For example, after they have chilled down during a cooler evening, you might find them warming up on a rock catching a few rays. But to prevent getting all toasty, they’ll soon enough move under rocks, wood piles, bushes and boxes on your lawn or in your garage if you leave it open.

Reportedly, a most effective option is what’s known as a “rattlesnake proof” fence. Solid or with mesh no larger than one-quarter inch. Make it at least three feet tall but be sure the bottom is buried several inches below the ground.

California Department of Fish & Wildlife Suggestions

  • Wear sturdy boots and loose-fitting long pants when walking through brushy, wild areas. Startled rattlesnakes may not rattle before striking defensively.
  • Children should not wear flip-flops while playing outdoors in snake country.
  • When hiking, stick to well-used trails. Avoid tall grass, weeds and heavy underbrush where snakes may hide during the day.
  • Do not step or put your hands where you cannot see. Step ON logs and rocks, never over them. Be especially careful when climbing rocks or gathering firewood. Check out stumps or logs before sitting down and shake out sleeping bags before use.
  • Never grab “sticks” or “branches” while swimming in lakes and rivers. Rattlesnakes can swim.
  • Be careful when stepping over doorsteps as well. Snakes like to crawl along the edge of buildings where they are protected on one side.
  • Never hike alone. Always have someone with you who can assist in an emergency.
  • Do not handle a freshly killed snake, as it can still inject venom.
  • Teach children early to respect snakes and to leave them alone.
    • Yes, #9 goes without saying but should be repeated all the same. And as for #8? Sounds like something out of a science fiction story. But apparently, it’s happened enough times for the CA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife to include it.

      If you’ve encountered a rattlesnake on your property or public area, call your community’s Animal Service Center. For example, Aliso Viejo is serviced by the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center, at 949-470-3045.

      Removing unwanted items from inside and outside your home can be tricky enough. Don’t take extra chances during snake season. OC Junk Hauling is a family owned junk removal business serving all communities in Orange County. We are not a franchise and our excellent Yelp reviews are a testament to the personal and customer-oriented service that we provide. Simply book a convenient appointment on-line or call us at (949) 424-9265. Once we know exactly what you want hauled away, we will give you a Free, No-obligation Estimate. Give OC Junk Hauling a call at +1 (949) 424-9265.

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