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Teaching Kids About Junk Recycling in Orange County

We always talk about setting good examples for children and leading them in the right path for a more conscious future. Recycling is one of those tasks that we can show versus tell our children about. Each of us has a responsibility to do our best by the environment and help preserve it.  When we recycle and set that example for children then they understand how important it is and there part in the grand scheme of things. They will understand that each little bit is important.  At OC Junk Hauling we try to do our best to ask about recycling, provide it as an option and teach others to do the same. The best way to teach kids about recycling is to do it. It’s never too early to start talking to your kids about recycling.

Activity Guide for Tiny Tots

Let them know about what can be recycled: paper, plastic, metal, and glass. As you may know, almost all forms of paper are capable of being recycled, so this is a very basic type of recycling that can be taught to children. Some grocery stores will already accept glass and plastic, and when it comes to metal you can usually put an ad up and there are people who actively search for metals to be repurposed.

California’s Recycling Resources For Kids

However, we do know that just because something can be recycled doesn’t mean it will be. Plastics are usually not recycled even though it is possible.  Some places don’t think its worthwhile to recycle glass bottles.  In these cases you can also teach your children about upcycling. Upcycling is when you make a use for items like plastic bags, bottles, etc. Some people make them into rugs, others into planters. Look up upcycling with your children and maybe come up with some creative uses for old things.

Ideas for Upcycling

As junk haulers in Orange county we do a lot of recycling runs for people because we live in a very environmentally conscious county. We take furniture to Goodwill, we take items to recyclers, and we also get rid of those items that cannot be recycled because that happens too. What we try to do is provide options for people because its right that we all do our part to make the world a better place to live in for the future.

OC Junk Hauling understands that when it comes to waste and garbage, not everything can be recycled.  But the ultimate mission is to recycle what you can when you can. Teaching these principles to your children will help mold them into better citizens of this earth and preserve our beautiful oceans and forests for generations to come. For any more information on recycling or junk removal, contact OC Junk Hauling at 949-424-9265

We are happy to haul your junk away and even happier to recycle it.


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