Three Reasons to Avoid Doing Carpet Removal Yourself


Let us pull the rug out from under you. With your permission of course. For any number of reasons (and believe us, at OC Junk Hauling we have heard a lot), there comes a time when your carpet needs to be replaced. But as it is one piece of “furniture” that is really nailed down (glued or tack strips, actually) it doesn’t “remove” as easy as a refrigerator or armoire.

Carpet and padding

It is not as easy as it looks. Carpet padding is heavy (you forgot about the padding, didn’t you? We didn’t!) You’re cutting, pulling, rolling, and carrying for hours; get up to take it out of the home, then get down on your knees, tug and pull, and then get up again. It may look like it’s thin material, but hundreds of square feet of carpet and padding adds up.

And if carpet and padding have been soaked due to flooding, your arms will hurt a great deal.  But that isn’t the worst of it.

Pet Urine

Do you have a dog or cat? Did the previous owners have a pet? Didn’t think of that? That is why you need to call OC Junk Hauling. We’ve been doing this for years in Orange County homes. Pet urine seeps down into the carpet, padding, and sometimes the particle board beneath.

We don’t want to say much more but you get our drift. And when you lift the carpet, besides a less than favorable smell you may see some other, less “desirable” critters that have been attracted by the damp environment.


Lifting carpet, as we have said, puts a strain on your arms and legs. But before you can lift, you must cut. And cut. And cut. It is so easy for the inexperienced homeowner to cut oneself. Besides that being bad enough, remember you are doing it in an area that is damp and not the healthiest to showcase an open wound, large or small on your finger, hand or arm.

Heavy padding. Pet Urine. Cutting. Honestly, we would rather be removing nice compact, clean kitchen appliances. But if the carpet must go, give OC Junk Hauling a call at 949-424-9265. We feel our prices are reasonable. We’ll give you a free estimate and you can shop around. Then use us or someone else. Please don’t try it yourself.





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