Upgrade Your Daughter’s Room When She Starts High School


Removal of Old Stuff Made Possible By OC Junk Hauling

High school is many things to your daughter; new friends, new subjects, and new experiences await her. It can also be a stressful time as she deals with growing up. Why not make her room a “growing up” (if not yet “grown up”) refuge? A gentle furniture change here and there can make all the difference. And OC Junk Hauling will be a phone call away to remove unwanted but still useful items for recycling.

For example, that old kid’s lamp with the dancing piggies is not very encouraging when she has a biology or algebra exam to study for. A modern, sleek lamp whose function is to evenly display light rather than be decorative goes a long way to say, “You can ace this exam!”

Most definitely remove the large, pink 3-drawer dresser she’s had since she was five years old. Pretty in pink was a great movie title, but your daughter may live in shades of gray now as she explores new options in life. A smaller drawer for jewelry, perhaps? Maybe a mid-sized separate one for socks and stockings rather than just having those items shoved in corners of the other big drawers? Allow her to decide where everything is stored. Jeans go on the left drawer while shorts go on the right side. Little things can mean a lot. In fact, ask ideas on color of the dresser. While price, shape, and availability will dictate final selection, by seeking her input you’re allowing her to be part of the decision-making on her room’s décor.

You Are Not A Kid Anymore Symbol

And for the pièce de résistance, the ultimate “you are not a kid anymore” symbol— get her a full-sized desk with a matching chair (don’t just shove any house-hidden chair on her). The little kid’s desk where she has been banging her knees for the last couple of years must go. Take her to the store to select supplementary items such as bulletin board or desk lamp. Help make her feel comfortable in that room where she will take refuge from the bad and good days of high school.

You, of course, can go all the way and replace the bed, rip out carpet, and change wall paint. But doing all that at once might be too unsettling. Remember, she is going through a lot in school. Homelife should be a center of calm. The lamp, dresser, and desk ideas are just little steps.

These are also items that OC Junk Hauling can easily remove and recycle to agencies such as Goodwill Industries, Human Options, Laura’s House, and Illumination Foundation where they will go to a family and a little girl who could still enjoy their value. When items are good enough to be reused, we ensure they are delivered to one of the many charity organizations that we work with.  While charities will not go into your home or backyard to remove the donation items, we will.

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