Carpet Removal, Why You Really, Really Don’t Want to Do It Yourself


Responsible Carpet Removal in Orange County

We are junk removers.  That’s what we do.  It’s not glamorous.  We’re not going to win an Oscar or the Nobel Prize, but we do get the occasional homemade cake or a hug from a delighted grandmother who didn’t have to remove her sofa and haul it to the dump herself.  We do those tasks that no one else wants to do, and we’re grateful to do it.  There is no job in this world anyone is too good for.  We are able to save you time, back pain, headaches, annoyance, and sometimes even money, just by clearing clutter, removing heavy objects, and yes, at times, removing carpet.  We will pull up carpet, but we’ll also haul it away if you pulled it up yourself.  Just remember on that note…


It aint fun!

Carpet removal is not a fun task.  There is a reason why you want to pay other people to do it.  Carpet and padding are heavy, and removing them is not as easy as it looks.  You’re cutting, pulling, rolling, and carrying for hours to get it up and out of the home.  It may look like it’s thin material, but hundreds of square feet of it gets pretty darn heavy—and  if it’s soaked due to flooding, well, you might as well call Hercules because it’s gonna be quite a labor.

Unexpected surprises

Most people don’t have their home built from scratch.  Usually, you are the second, third, or fourth person to live in them.  Pets, kids, teens—and even adults are incredibly hard on carpet and flooring.  Pet urine seeps down into the carpet, padding, and sometimes the particle board beneath.  Typically when you pull the carpet up you are dealing with padding that will take your breath away.  Damp areas will also have other, less “desirable” critters sometimes beneath the carpet and padding.  You have no idea the things we’ve found pulling up carpet, in fact, you might be frightened by some of the things we’ve found under carpet.

I’m not saying we’ve ever found a dead body, but I’m not saying it’s impossible.  *winks*

All jokes aside, it’s not a fun task and certainly not one you want to do yourself if you can avoid it.  Like all junk removal, we’re doing more than taking away things you no longer want or need, we’re removing headaches.  We’re keeping you from pulling out your hair, fighting with the people you love, cutting yourself on razors, and helping you to avoid back strain and injury.

We’re affordable

OC Junk Hauling’s carpet removal isn’t the most expensive service we have, nor is it the cheapest but like with all other services we try to keep it affordable. We are Orange County’s friendliest, family owned junk removal business. We are cost conscious AND eco conscious. We know that we provide a service, but we also know it’s a service that you could do yourself if you had a lot of time, patience, and muscle.  Give OC Junk Hauling a call and we can help you out and get it done as quickly and cleanly as possible so you can go back to doing other things.  We can give you a FREE estimate with no obligation so you have nothing to lose!


OC Junk Hauling Services the Entire Orange County Area Including:

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