January Is National Hobby Month


Let Your Hobby Shine With OC Junk Hauling

Hobbies can take up as much or as little time as you wish to put into them. They can also take up more room than you planned. Where do you “do your thing” in your home? Roll out and then remove from the kitchen table? On top of some boxes in the garage next to an old lawnmower? A heavy box that slides out from under the bed?

According to a 2016 “Ask Your Target Market” survey “56% of respondents said that they have multiple hobbies. 24% said they just have one real hobby that they practice or participate in regularly.”  If 80% of people in a random survey indicate involvement with a hobby, that’s a fairly serious indicator that hobbies are an important aspect of non-work life and deserving of designated spaces in your home.

And when you talk about designated craft-oriented spaces in your home, OC Junk Hauling suggests you look no further than Martha Stewart for tips!

How to Design the Ultimate Craft Room

“Every avid crafter needs a space that allows their creativity to flow free,” explains Martha. In a 12-step slide show that you should check out, she offers tips that apply specifically to crafts, but generally also can meet the needs of other hobbies, from collecting thimbles to fishing.

For example, let’s say that after all is said and done, you just can’t turn an entire room into hobby central. What about a corner? You know, the corner with THAT plant which has seen better days, or an ugly lamp you never liked? What can you fit into a corner of a living room, laundry room or garage? Check out slide #3 where Martha suggests a corner desk.It is a piece of furniture designed to slot into that 90-degree angle (also known as an “L desk”).

Put a cabinet hutch on top, as she suggests in slide #10.Now you have plenty of places to store & locate glue, catalogs, stamp folders, thimbles, fishing lures, trading cards, etc.

Other Suggestions

We mentioned the garage earlier. If you are working in a tight space between boxes, glue a magnetic strip to the wall.Then strategically hang scissors or any other metal tool your hobby requires. Nothing magnetic?Then go with a piece of Peg-Board and hooks!

OC Junk Hauling can help you with your corner of the hobby world. When you’re ready to bring in that corner desk, we are just a phone call away (949)424-9265 to remove the plant, ugly lamp, old lawn mower and whatever else that is getting in the way of your creative expression. In fact, you can book your appointment in under a minute and we offer same day junk removal.