Back to school junk hauling


Do you remember that commercial from Staples a few years back of the father pushing the cart singing, It’s that most wonderful time of the year….?  For many parents having the children at home all summer, whether they are kids or college students, is like having mini wrecking machines that create mess, bring in extra dogs, cats, lizards, and junk at a rate nearly impossible to compete with when it comes to cleaning.  While everyone loves their children, very few love the mess they can sometimes leave.  When August nears and the first day of school approaches parents get serious about cleaning the house.

Having a junk hauler come in and remove unwanted items is like seeing the cavalry approach when you’re down to your last few men.  It is help when you feel hopeless.  It’s chocolate after a breakup.  It’s ice cream when you have been dieting for weeks.  It’s—well, you get the picture.  Junk removal and junk hauling services do what you don’t want to do: clean out and clean up.

Our approach is to help you remove those items that you don’t need any more so that you can use the space for other things.  Older children leaving for college don’t need to come home to those 4 foot animals that they won at a carnival or their old Hello Kitty bedroom sets.  It also helps school-aged children to have a clean, clutter less space in which to study, think, and work.

Junk removal is a fresh start.  It’s a clean slate.  While we’re taking care of the big stuff, you can do your part to reduce the smaller items like broken toys or crayons.  Get rid of clothing they can’t wear anymore.  Throw out beat up shoes and ripped jeans.  Any DVD or Blue Ray case missing its content can go.  Boxes without games and game pieces are trash.  This is the time for you to wipe the slate clean and start over with a cleared and pristine (or as pristine as we can make it) space.  You can even do some serious remodeling if you are sending off a twenty-year-old for their last year of college.

Our junk hauling services are a way for you to get on top of the process and really get your life back on track.  Cluttered space is a cluttered mind.


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