Junk Removal—Not for the Faint of Heart


Anytime you work with the public you have to…work with the public.  Most of the time your junk removal job will go off without a hitch. People already know what they want to get rid of and what they don’t. Sometimes, though, you will arrive at a job and that chair the wife wanted you to pick up is in the middle of the driveway with a grown man sitting in it. Sometimes, but not always, you will arrive at a job and the wife is holding onto the crib you were supposed to take to goodwill to recycle. That’s when junk removers turn into marriage counselors.

The truth is there are many good reasons for removing junk from your home. First and foremost, health. Dust, mites, and mold routinely get on items that are not moved, cleaned, and improperly stored. Clutter can create hiding spaces for vermin, insects, and sometimes reptiles and snakes.  We want to help make your life easier and better.  We also don’t want to see your marriage break up.


Before you decide to call a junk removal company or junk remover, have it all worked out what exactly it is that you want to have removed from the home. If the item has sentimental value, maybe have something else removed to clear up the space instead.  It’s also possible that you can restore the item or store it somewhere else (or loan it out to someone who needs it now).  If it is a comfortable chair that you’ve had and worn it in perfectly, it’s possible that you can take it away to have it reupholstered and not actually throw it out.  There are other solutions besides the local dump.

We want to help you have clean space, not lose items that you still want or need. As family junk haulers in OC we see a lot of this; people don’t want to actually throw out the item they call us to remove. If you’re not ready, you’re not ready. We’re not here to push you into something you don’t want. However, if you are ready to throw out the old armchair or donate that crib to Goodwill, then give us a call.

Remember the 3 most important rules:

  1. Listen
  2. Compromise
  3. Be Understanding

If you follow these 3 mantras and allow your friendly neighborhood junk removal expert to help you out – you can avoid a relationship catastrophe!


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