Selling a Home in Orange County


Junk Removal Before Selling a Home In Orange County

Do you own a home in Orange County that you are trying to sell?

There are some things that you should know before you place your house on the market. Given the current pressure in Orange County to provide competitive pricing and the drop in demand for homes, it is becoming more and more difficult to sell a home as soon as you place it on the market.

To achieve success when selling a home in Orange County, price is not the only factor. The condition of your home will go a long way in helping to sell the house quickly. This does not only mean the quality of your home but also how it is presented. There are a lot of homes on the market today, but most will not sell for months or even years because they are not presented at their absolute best.

Here are a few tips that can help you get a leg up when selling a home in Orange County.


Most of the home sellers who have been successful in selling their homes quickly are those who were willing to price their homes correctly based on their appraisal. Pricing your home correctly upon placing it on the market is paramount.

The longer your home stays on the market, the higher the chances are that you will have to repeatedly lower the selling price in order to move it. Many of the houses that have stayed longer on the market are those that have a price beyond their values. If you are going to have to lower the price anyway to get your house to sell, isn’t it better to simply price it wisely to begin with and sell faster?

When pricing your home, research the homes that are on the market in Orange County or those that have recently sold. The research will give you an excellent idea of how to price your home at the correct value.

House Condition

There is great competition for houses in the market against the few buyers that are willing to purchase homes.

Homes that are in good condition and are made as visually appealing as possible have higher chances of selling. It goes without saying that your home ought to look good to attract potential buyers.

It is critical before placing your home on the market that you begin by cleaning up the home and putting it in order. Also, keep in mind that the first impression is imperative. The best homes to show are those that give an impression of clutter free living.

When cleaning your home, it is important that you begin with the outside. Potential buyers who pass by a house that is in shambles will not even bother to call you. Make sure that there is no junk or litter in the front yard. If there is, you should contact a junk removal service such as OC Junk Hauling to ensure that your curb appeal is the best that it can be.

An appealing landscape is also an important part of curb appeal. Verify that the grass is manicured perfectly and is kept green. If there are shrubs in your yard, ensure that you trim them nicely so that your potential buyers can see past them to the house.

You also need to make sure that the windows are sparkling clean and all broken panes are replaced. If there is a need, ensure you apply a new layer of paint to enhance the home’s perceived value.

On the inside of your house, remove any clutter that may have accumulated. A fully furnished and clutter free home is the most likely to sell. Removing the clutter from your home makes it look bigger and more spacious.

If you have enough excess clutter that you need to throw out a significant amount of unwanted items, junk hauling services can help here, too.

Final Words

If you are selling a home in Orange County, a well-organized and clutter free look is vital.

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