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Living a Clutter Free Life in Orange County

Whether you work long hours and don’t spend enough time at home, you have children or teenagers who seem to be able to multiple a mess by simply existing near it, or you just aren’t naturally incredibly domestic…there are many reasons why you may find it hard to maintain a well-organized house. In reality, the most challenging factor in clutter free living isn’t time or talent, but space.

With the right system, anyone can tackle these problems and create a clean and well-organized home. Here are a few tips to help you find your way.

Where to Begin

To get started efficiently, you should begin in the smallest areas in your house. The best area to start with in most homes is the closet. Starting in the smaller areas gives you a task that is easier to achieve and maintain, so that you can feel the small successes and allow them to motivate you as you move on to larger rooms. Other small areas in your home may include bathrooms, home offices, or foyers.

Get Rid Of Items You Do Not Need

Are there things in your house that you do not need? These unwanted or unneeded items are likely a major cause of the clutter that is littering your house. There are many ways you can dispose of the things that you do not need, such as choosing to donate them or sell them.

Letting go of some of the things that you do not need will help you create more space, have a more organized home, and get rid of clutter.

Once you have determined which items to let go of, you may find that many of them are not fit to donate or sell. For these items, you should contact a junk removal service such as OC Junk Hauling.

Taking advantage of a junk hauling service anytime you perform spring cleaning or other clutter busting tasks is a great way to minimize the time and energy needed, and will likely help you to make the decision to let more of your unneeded items go.

Contain the Mess

For smaller items, tools, or knickknacks that you need to keep, an organizer is a great way to keep them from cluttering your home. These containers have several small sections that can be used to keep arts and crafts organized, store accessories, or keep toys out of the way.

Organizer containers are especially helpful in children’s rooms, the office, and the kitchen. These areas are the most likely to contain many smaller items that take time to sort, and keeping them in containers will help you to find things easily and make your space clutter free.

Organize Daily

You don’t have to give up a full day or two out of every week to maintain a clutter free home. You can achieve clutter free living by doing a little organization on a daily basis. Putting something back in its correct place whenever you find it somewhere that it doesn’t belong will go a long way in maintaining your home.


It is not difficult to get a clutter free home. All you need to do is implement these tips and take the initiative to follow them daily. You don’t need to do everything alone, either. Make it a game and provide small rewards for family members or housemates who do their part to help you maintain a clutter free home.

The last thing you want after you have finally made cleaning fun is to be left with a huge pile of junk to deal with. Next time you’re in the middle of a Mary-Poppins-esque cleaning session, make sure you have contacted OC Junk Hauling.

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