This Valentine’s Day Show Love in a Different Way


Valentine’s Day Junk Removal in Orange County

Every year people try to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to give their loved ones. Chocolates, perfume, jewelry are all de rigueur for gift giving, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with those. However, you could go for the out-of-the-ordinary gift by cleaning the junk out of the yard and house. Now, while this doesn’t seem like the most romantic of ideas at first, we ask that you bear with us for a moment.

What says “love” more than creating a beautiful space to live in? When you have a clean home you have a fresh start, a renewal, and can create even more beauty on a fresh slate. It’s something you talk about doing, moving the old couch, getting rid of a broken dresser but you often let it go for time money. Why not remove the junk and give yourself free space to work in? A Valentine’s Day Junk Removal treat might just be the right gift for your loved one.

Hiring junk removers and cleaning people to clear out the basement, attic, or garage not only removes that junk but gives you the ability to use that space for something you will enjoy. How about a new craft room? Great, clear out the junk that’s in the guest room. Need a workshop? Get all the boxes out of the garage and put up shelving and benches. Want a video room? Clean out the basement and make it a rec room—the possibilities are endless.
Anyone can buy chocolates. They exist at every supermarket and big box store in America. Flowers will eventually die. Having a room that you can scrapbook in or do woodworking is a gift that is unique but also will continue to give long after Valentine’s Day is over.
Those of us at OC Junk Hauling want you to know that we’re here to help you any way we can. Whether that is clearing out the backyard to put in a pool or removing old furniture so that you can make that guest room into a nursery, we’re here.

Getting Ready For A Baby?

We love our jobs because we’re more than junk hauling, we’re actually refreshing people’s homes and lives. This Valentine’s Day we encourage you to think outside the box and perhaps consider the value of what we do as a way to create something unique and memorable.


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