Bathroom Renovations Should Start in January


Disposal of Remodeling Debris In Orange County

Is one day as good as another to start a bathroom renovation project in the OC? Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn, all essentially are great days for homeowners to conduct in-house make-overs. Well, according to the wise, old, Farmers’ Almanac, the “Best Days for Home Repair” are December 26th to February 23rd.

Whether the authors came up with that time frame through the alignment of the stars, or just a historical survey of when home repairs have been done traditionally, does not matter. What matters is that if you needed motivation to modernize your bathroom, here it is, the month of January!

New fixtures and appliances coming into the house, of course, mean old things must go. You are not retaining the stained tub, leaking shower, cracked toilet, or scratched floor. This is where OC Junk Hauling enters the project. We will work with you and within your contractor’s schedule to “be there” to haul away unwanted items before they become an unsightly mess in your backyard or front lawn.

These bathroom home repair projects will take time and money, from drawing board to completion. There may be bumps along the way (haven’t you seen some of those home repair shows when the pulling up a floor or a look behind a wall ends up depleting the reserve funds? Hopefully, that won’t happen with your bathroom renovation project. But wouldn’t you like to go into the project knowing that one thing is a sure bet? That bet being whatever comes out of a wall, ceiling or floor will be hauled away quickly and cleanly.

Bathroom Home Repair Expenses

According to HomeAdvisor.com, these are the average prices for elements of a bathroom makeover. Low-Range, Mid-Range and High-Range figures included.

Install bathtub— $400-$1,500, $2,600-$4,100, $6,000-$8,000

Install shower— $450-$2,000, $3,000-$4,800, $6,000-$10000

Install toilet— $130-$250, $340-$480, $550-$780

Install flooring— $800-$2,000, $2,500-$3,600, $5,000-$7,000

January (into February) is the month to gear up for this project. Just contact OC Junk Hauling to provide a two-hour timeframe during which we can stop by to offer a cost-free, no-obligation price quote. Upon your approval, we can then schedule the removing of all unwanted items from your bathroom renovation project as they become “unwanted.” This removal process includes all labor, loading, and cleaning! Call OC Junk Hauling at 949-424-9265.


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