Improving Your Sports Cave


Sports cave creation was the topic of our monthly blog last January. https://ocjunkhauling.com/blogs/4-reasons-people-oc-consider-sports-cave/.

At the time, we had high hopes for all our CA teams. As the smoke clears this year, only two, the Los Angeles franchises of the Rams and Chargers, are in the thick of the playoff picture. So, those of you who heeded our advice to build a sports cave are sitting pretty. Friends are going to want to come over. Question is, is it just a hangout, or a place befitting of representing potential Super Bowl teams?

Don’t Over Do It

We get it. You are proud of every team tee-shirt, cap, ticket stub, monogrammed cup, and signed autograph that you have. But you can’t display them all. You don’t want a cluttered look. Then no one will look. Don’t mix the vibes of football stuff with baseball, hockey, etc.  Go with one team and sport per season.

Try to pick memorabilia items that have a story behind them. This facet repositions them from being just “placeholders” and into becoming “conversation pieces.”

Lots of photos? Instead of a bunch of picture frames on shelves and tables, why not create a picture frame collage. Sport can be art! Dress up your walls. You can have the “dogs playing poker” painting — or you can have something like the recent Legacy photo of Bart Starr, Brett Favre, and Aaron Rodgers on your wall or shelf. Now that is a conversation piece whether you are a Green Bay Packer fan or not!

Pick a number

Speaking of being a fan, you obviously have a favorite player. And most likely that player is on your favorite team. So, it stands to reason that you would have the most memorabilia for that team. Honor that player by displaying such memorabilia on the wall aligned in the shape of his number. For the sake of argument, let’s say his number is 12. Then lay out the small horizontal and vertical picture frames housing photographs, autographs and ticket stubs in that shape (something like this https://www.pinterest.com/pin/210050770096568502/)

From the moment you step in

Whatever carpet or tile you presently have in the room, consider having it ripped out! Either go big or don’t go at all, right? You want turf carpet!!! Green, indoor carpet. Or even green grass mat interlocking floor tiles. Make your sports cave well-grounded! Great idea, right?

But don’t rip up the carpet yourself. As we mentioned in a recent blog https://ocjunkhauling.com/blogs/three-reasons-to-avoid-doing-carpet-removal-yourself/ “It is not as easy as it looks. Carpet padding is heavy (you forgot about the padding, didn’t you? We didn’t!) You’re cutting, pulling, rolling, and carrying for hours;  get up to take it out of the home, then get down on your knees, tug and pull, and then get up again. It may look like it’s thin material, but hundreds of square feet of carpet and padding adds up.”

It also makes a huge mess in your house or garage or driveway. That’s when you call OC Junk Hauling. We will give you a free estimate and if you are happy, then we will happily haul away the old carpet. Give OC Junk Hauling a call at 949-424-9265. We feel our prices are reasonable.

And then enjoy the Super Bowl from the comfort of your sports cave.






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