Get rid of your Old Couch


Couches, Couches Everywhere and Not a Spot to Sit

Couches are one of the larger items we move.  With large ticket items like hot tubs we’ve found that many of our clients postpone having it moved because they think the cost will be too high, but with couches people will hold onto those for years thinking they can use it in another room, or could buy a slipcover and/or reupholster it.  We’ve been to places with 3-4 excess couches in basements, guest rooms, and family rooms because people hesitate before throwing away something they think is expensive.  When you’ve paid a lot for something and it’s not falling apart you tend to want to repurpose it.  Unfortunately, most of us underestimate free time or desire to use that free time to something like that, and the couches just get shuffled around from room to room until they end up in the garage becoming unusable.

No one needs couches hanging around that no one is going to sit on, and if you feel guilty about throwing out something that cost you a couple hundred dollars give us a call at 949-424-9265 and we can help you. We really care about the environment and your stuff and will try our best to give your couch a home. Almost 80% of our junk pickups are donated or recycled so you can rest easy knowing that your couch is not going to end up in a landfill.


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No one likes clutter and couches take up a lot of space.  That spot you are using can fit any number of items (including a new couch).  When you remove furniture from the home you are not only freeing up space but also giving that spot a face-lift.  You can change the look and feel of a room. Plus, when you use our services and we can donate your stuff, you are also doing some good.

Our family OC junk hauling service takes your old furniture and moves it from the home, and many times to a place where it can be used by someone who really needs it.


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