Landlords — What to do with Abandoned Tenant Property


Abandoned Tenant Property Cleanouts In Orange County


Most any landlord in Orange County will tell you that tenants are good people who stay, pay rent on time, and then move on. But some tenants, for reasons of their own doing or beyond their control, fall behind on rent, forcing the landlords to evict. And that is where OC Junk Hauling come in the door because tenants in a rush to get out usually abandon property.

There Are Rules

If the tenant has moved out of the rental unit and left behind personal property or belongings, California statutes say the landlord must first attempt to notify the tenant of the abandoned property. In fact, the landlord must give the tenant at least 15 days to reclaim property (18 days if the notice was mailed to the tenant).

If the tenant does respond within those 18 days, the landlord will be obligated to surrender the items to the tenant upon receiving a payment for storage (yes, the landlord, in California, can charge the tenant for the cost of storage of the property.).

Landlords are also required to allow the tenant reasonable time to move any large items such as furniture and appliances.

If the tenant does not claim the property, the landlord is free to dispose of it at the end of the notice period.

Be Ready to Move Forward

Frankly, in most cases, if it is a general piece of furniture like a chair, table, or bed, the former tenant didn’t want it anyway or didn’t feel it was worth the cost of paying to move it. As we offer a free no-obligation estimate, many a landlord in the past has called us in early in the process just to be ready to move when all legal obligations have been met.

Our service is essential to landlords who wish to re-rent ASAP to maximize revenues and minimize loss. Timeliness and quality of service is of paramount concern and is certainly provided by us. We offer same-day service 7 days a week, and all at a reasonable price! Our staff are prompt, professional, and courteous.

OC Junk Hauling is a fully insured, full-service junk removal and hauling company located in Orange County, California and is ready to serve you for all your hauling needs. We are responsible members of the community by staying committed to recycling or donating your unwanted junk and items whenever possible.

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