Planning for the ‘Day After’ Holidays


Cleanup After The Holidays

Do you like to waste a day off from work doing work at your house? Think about it. That is exactly what you are doing when you spend Christmas day & the next day cleaning up from the holiday festivities. Same applies with New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Some smart planning on your part, which includes calling OC Junk Hauling, will be to your advantage.

Thinking Inside the Box

The same box procedure we advised in previous blogs about removing clothing clutter, applies here. You will have boxes for things to keep. And there will be boxes for things to be thrown out. The only difference is that the second set of boxes will contain trash bags to be filled. These will be the items OC Junk Hauling will take away for you.

  • Wrapping paper, after it’s all been torn off gifts, has a box waiting for it. Wrapping paper to be saved goes in the other box.
  • The clean-up of bottles & cans of soda, beer or other liquid refreshments from Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties will be easier if you set aside boxes for them to be tossed into right away— instead of adding to the housekeeping nightmare that most holiday parties become on the day after.
  • Paper plates, cups, and napkins go in a box (oh no, you are not going to use the fine china or even the weird china that cousin George brought you from his last overseas trip from wherever). Dinnerware will be left all over the place by guests. Do you want to wash all that or just slide disposables into a box?

Bathroom Before & After

You are having guests in your home. They may or may not stay in the party room or go into the kitchen, but most certainly at some point they will use your bathroom. Perhaps several times. For sanitary reasons, you will need to perform the same cleaning tasks before and after the party or dinner.

  • Use household cleaner, paper towels, and brushes to wipe down any dirty areas in the bathroom. This includes counters, mirrors, toilet bowl & seat, and the floor.
  • Empty out trash cans, add new liners, and have replacement liners on standby.
  • Buy an inexpensive set of hand towels to supply/refill the room throughout the night. This way your guests aren’t “cleaning their hands” on towels that have been used by a dozen people before them.
  • Put a fresh new dispenser or bar of soap, as well as bathroom tissue itself, in the bathroom.

The “before” used items will await in a trash bag for similar used items to be thrown in from the day after clean-up.

With all this preparation in mind, you will be in an almost “set it and forget it mode.” You just need to call us at OC Junk Hauling (949-424-9265) to make arrangements for the pick-up date and hours preferred. We’ll give you a no-charge hauling estimate. If you’re happy then you can enjoy the days leading up to the holidays, confident that you can party with family and friends because you have the clean-up end-game covered.

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