What to Do When It Really is the Pool Table’s Fault


Fast & Easy Pool Table Removal

There it sits in your garage, or den room, or rec room. Your pool table. Lots of good memories of games and friends over the years. Years? But the table itself has seen better days… your patented “bank shot” doesn’t work as fine as it used to (well, it never was THAT great, but it worked sometimes). Seems there is a little lean to the right on the pool table. The green felt is faded and indented a little. And you’ve been looking on line at the fact that now you can also choose colors like, blue, black, gray, tan or red.

Time to upgrade sounds like a good idea. A quick call to OC Junk Hauling and we will be out to pick it up, take it away, and make room for your new pool table.

Considering moving it yourself to save money?

Usually pool tables weigh between 650 and 900 pounds, depending upon the size and model.

You most likely have a Regulation model, which means the table’s width is half of the overall length. 3.5’ by 7’or 4’ by 8’, or 4.5’ by 9’. The bigger the table— well let’s just say 2000 pounds is not out of the question.

Also consider that less expensive pool tables may have a hard wood top, weighing a couple of hundred pounds. Better tables will have either a one piece or 3-piece slate top which adds to the weight.

There are 8 (let’s repeat that, Eight) steps to disassemble a regulation model pool table if you wish to move it out of the house in parts. Check out this wiki DYI article. https://www.wikihow.com/Disassemble-a-Pool-Table

  • Detach the pockets from the table. …
  • Remove the rail bolts underneath each rail. …
  • Remove the rails and pockets. …
  • Detach the felt from the slate bed. …
  • Remove the slate screws with a drill. …
  • Lift each slate and place to the side. …
  • Disassemble the frame. …
  • Transport the slate carefully…

Having second thoughts about moving a pool table yourself? That’s ok. We know what we are doing.

OC Junk Hauling is your trusted independent full-service junk removal company. We have been in the junk business for more than 10 years. We clean out homes, garages, storage sheds/lockers, attics, basements, or businesses of any size.

The junk we collect is always donated, recycled, or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. If you’ve got junk, OC Junk Hauling can help! Call 949-424-9265.

Speaking of help, as for your bank shot….  {run quick video}



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