Ten Tips to Test for Qualified Junk Haulers


Choose A Responsible Junk Hauling Company in Orange County


Junk is junk. And one junk hauler is the same as another, right? Noooooooo. Are they insured in case anything goes wrong? Will they clean up the mess on the ground after they pick up boxes? You need a check list, and whether you hire OC Junk Hauling or not, these are among the major things that should dictate your selection.


Ratings check up

Do your homework. Check them out even before contacting. Plenty of customer review sites like Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, etc. Anyone with a rating over 4 stars should be on your short list for consideration. We regularly reprint reviews or links to comments on our website and Facebook pages.


Personal referrals.

Rating sites can be extremely useful, but in the days of Fiverr, people can also get paid to write “awesome” reviews. Your friends, on the other hand, are going to give you the straight scoop.


Better Business Bureau (BBB).

After you’ve narrowed down your choices to 2 or 3 options, go the extra mile and see if the BBB has any file on them. The BBB accepts and investigates complaints so that you don’t have to.


Customer Service

We have a friend who says, “Customer Service is what takes place before, during and after the transaction of business.” What is your gut feeling when they answer the phone? Does their website look up-to-date & informative? Is there an active community-oriented blog (truth in advertising, and modesty aside, like ours?). Can you let them & the public know afterwards of your satisfaction or dissatisfaction? A company that cares about customers will make an extra effort to give customers ample ways to make comments.


Items taken

What do they take? Simple question, but you don’t want any surprises at pick up time forcing you to find one hauler for standard items and another for billiard tables and spas.


Quick removal.

Speedy service with a smile. It’s more than an old slogan. Good service can be measured in the time span from initial contact to removal. It’s not rocket science. You want stuff picked up. We have a truck.. “Can’t do it ‘til next week” means either they are very busy (best to opt for another company) or badly managed (run to the next company on your list).


Recycling policy

You wouldn’t like it if your neighbor dumped unwanted items on your front lawn, would you? Well then, give some consideration as to where YOUR items will be hauled by the potential company. Items don’t go up in a puff of smoke. Ask — and don’t be afraid of a nasty response of “what do you care” which would be a big clue that your unwanted items could end up dumped on the side of the road (see below Insurance). Will your items be dropped at a landfill, recycled, donated or even be upcycled?



Picking up boxes, bushes and other junk is one thing. Cleaning up ensuing fallen debris is something extra. To get an indication of how much “care” they put in their efforts, try to get a peek at the condition of their trucks. If it is a beat up pick up instead of a professional vehicle, that could be a gauge on how well they take care of their other equipment and how professionally they operate. If you don’t care enough to take care of your truck… well, you get the point.


Insurance protection

Not what you think. Yes, you want the haulers insured in case they hit your garage or break a window. But the greater concern is if you have hired a non-licensed fly by night company that then illegally dumps your stuff on the side of a road. Notice the word “illegally?” That means a crime has been committed. If they can’t be found but your name can be on the items, guess who the police will be visiting with a summons? Who do you think the judge will stick with the bill if the “company” can’t be found?


Buy Local!!!

Sure, full disclosure, this may be a personal preference, but going with a local business over a national chain keeps the income in your area where it does some real good.  Whether junk hauling or eating out, going local is the way to go. OC Junk Hauling is a locally owned and family operated business serving Orange County for over a decade. Call +1 (949) 424-9265

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